Tezocracy provides you an ability to bake your Tezos without worrying about hosting your own server node. We do the work, you get the rewards.

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Why should you choose Tezocracy?


With Tezocracy you don’t have to worry about hardware that your Tezos are staked on. We ensure that our nodes are running 24/7, baking new Tezos blocks and then pay all the dividends back to our clients for a small fee.


The Tezos network provides a mechanism to delegate your authority to bake new coins to one of the nodes in the network. All your Tezos are stays in your wallet and at the same time is participating in new blocks creation on the blockchain. You don’t have to share with us (or anyone else) your private key to delegate.


Participating in the network allows you to save you Tezos from inflation and earn some extra. So this is an obvious choice to put your money to work and Tezocracy is providing an easy and safe way to do that. Let us do all the work, save your account from inflation and get rewards. It’s a win-win situation.

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